It comprises SAP itself and Big Implementation Firms, as well as end Customers in wide-ranging industries. For them, we deliver solutions agreeing with the nature of the needs, that span from simple to complex, from moderate to tight to critical deadline. The regions we service are North & Latin America, Caribbean and Germany.

Our SAP® experts are Platinum and Senior level. They are the elite within the elite in their fields, be it by area, by role, by industry. They walk along global projects; they are Bi/Multilingual in either Spanish, English, German, French, Dutch or Portuguese. Owners of a well-balanced character as professionals as well as individuals, they are highly qualified, committed, flexible; and manage conflicts and influence without displaying authority.

We keep alignment all through and across: Our Strategy*, Customer Centric; our Structure*, with decision making processes based in Kepner & Tregoe© and TOC/Dr. Eliyahu Goldratt©®; our Processes*, our key ones are CRM and Development of Solutions; our Reward* Systems, based in client satisfaction and client retention, rewards go beyond the money incentive, to emotional and motivational nature; and our People*, their skills are as important as their mindsets to us.
* Anchors of the Star Model™ - Jay R. Galbraith.

An important function in our firm is Quality & Compliance, to oversee the standards across the firm; all functions, be it Sales, Business Development, Human Resources; all verticals, be it Industry, Area or Customer.
Yet, who overlooks Quality & Compliance? We do, through our Enhancement Program Office.